hello i am new here what is this for

oh i can make a subtitle that's neat

Hello friends, it’s me. I’m Amy.

I used to write a lot. Then I started spending more and more time on Twitter, and the writing stopped. I’d like to blame Twitter, but Twitter didn’t make me spend every waking hour of my day refreshing its app to see which leftist personalities are fighting now and why. That’s on me.

I’m trying to get my attention span back, and part of that process is sitting with my thoughts instead of shouting them all into the internet the moment I have them. And a byproduct of that has been some actual writing.

I can’t tell you what the theme or structure of this thing will be yet. I just know I need an outlet, and I would like to share with people who aren’t just going to scream at me.

That said: if it sucks, I hope you will tell me.